Née /born in Marocco (1932-2018)
vit et travaille / lives and works in NYC


École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
1958 Académie Julian
1959 Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts. Bourse d'études Atelier Souverbie

Expositions (selection)/ Selected exhibitions


2018 Nicola L: Works, 1968 to the Present, SculptureCenter, NY (SOLO SHOW)
Body and Soul curated by Elga Wimmer, Venice Biennial (SOLO SHOW)
Nicola and the New Millennium et Elga Wimmer PCC (SOLO SHOW)
2015 The World Goes Pop, Tate Modern (SOLO SHOW)
Gallery Broadway 1602, New York, NY (SOLO SHOW)
Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY
Independent Art Fair with Gallery Broadway 1602, New York, NY
FIAC, Frieze London and Frieze New York with Gallery Broadway 1602
Independent Art Fair with Gallery Broadway 1602, New York, NY
FIAC, Frieze London and Frieze New York with Gallery Broadway 1602
Secession, Vienna
elles@centrepompidou, artistes femmes dans les collections du Centre Pompidou
Body by Nature, TwentyFirst/TwentyFirstgallery New York NY

Planet Eye /Galerie Pierre Alain Challier, Paris (SOLO SHOW)
Functional Art 1989-2008 /Galerie Catberro, Paris (SOLO SHOW)
The Cape of Blues  /Leila Voight, Paris
Retrospective Nicola L (films)  /MEP Maison Européenne de la Photo, Paris
Moi Je Me Fais Du Cinema /Galerie A. Rebours, Paris (SOLO SHOW)
Nine Historic Hysteric Women /Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris, FR (SOLO SHOW)
Nicola L art fonctionel /Galerie NEC, Paris (SOLO SHOW)
Show of her functional sculpture and conceptual art /Galerie Ingrao , New York, USA (SOLO SHOW)
Bad Brains /BAM Brooklyn Art Museum,New York, USA (SOLO SHOW)
Reignition and Rock For Light /CBGBs, NewYork , USA
Le Corps est le paysage (group show) /Donation Mario Prassinos, Saint-Rémy De Provence
Nicola L Invitée d’Honneur /Musée de chateauroux, France.
The Great Wall of China, MAMCO, Genève, Suisse
Nicola L /Ingrao Gallery, NewYork, USA
Chinese Penetrable of The Four Seasons /Gallery Imagine, Beijing, Chine
Le Corps est le paysage (curator / Yves Sabourin) /Donation Mario Prassinos, Saint-Rémy de Provence
The Blue Cape (Performance) /Great Wall of China, Beijing, Chine
Nicola L (installation) /MAMCO Genève, Suisse
The Blue Cape  /Gallery Twentieth, Los Angeles, USA (SOLO SHOW)
Functional Art /Gallery Imagine, Beijing, Chine
Nicola L /Galerie Nec Paris. (SOLO SHOW)
Functional Art /Galerie Patricia Dorfmann Paris, FR (SOLO SHOW)
9 Women in the Same Coat  /Briggs Roberson Gallery, New York, USA
The Blue Cape of Cinema /Arte & Cinema,  Venice, Italie
Nicola L retrospective 1968-2002 /La Casona Galeria, La Havane, Cuba (SOLO SHOW)
The Blue Cape in Havana. (Performance and film produced by the Ludwig Foundation)
The eye Modernisme /Wooster Projects, New York, USA (SOLO SHOW)
Vivement 2002 / MAMCO Musee d'Art Contemporain, Genève, Suisse
Juste au Corps de la Peau au Vetement /Centre d'art Contemporain Rennes
La Mama New York, The Banquet of the Beheaded (Performance with The Lab Theater) /Public Theater, NYC, USA
Hotel Room sheets /Paris - Havana. NYC - Rio de Janiero.
El Arte dei 70 /Museum of Ibiza, Ibiza, Espagne
Nicola L /Galerie Lara Vincy, Paris
Nicola L /Stuart Par Gallery, NewYork, USA
Neuf Femmes Fatales in the Black Coat /La Mama, New York, USA
The Black Coat /West Bank Café, New York, USA
Nicola L (group show) /MAMAC Musee d'Art Contemporain de Nice, Fr
Vraiment Feminisme et Art (curator : Laura Cottinghan) /Le Magasin, Grenoble
Heads and Snails /Peder Bonnier, NewYork, USA
Femmes Fatales /Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, NewYork, USA
Femmes Fatales /Patrice Landau Gallery, NewYork, USA
Logo Non Logo /Thread Waxing Space, NYC, USA
The Art Museum, Florida International
Heads Only /University, Miami, USA
Nicola L /White Hall Gallery, NYC, USA
American Art Today:Clothing as Metaphor / Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami, USA
White Hall Gallery, NYC, USA(SOLO SHOW)
Nicola L /Galerie Lara Vincy, Paris.
Nicola L /Elga Wimmer Gallery, NYC.
12 Recent,Painting & 25 Years of Collage /Galerie Lara Vincy, Paris
Nicola L /Rempire Gallery, NYC, USA
Drawing Show /Elga Wimmer Gallery, NYC, USA
Words and Images / Mukha Museum, Anvers, Belgique
Art : The Universal Language / Rempire Gallery, NYC, USA
The Story of Heads, Retrospective 1965–1975 / 56 Blecker Gallery, NYC, USA
Florida International University, Miami, FL (SOLO SHOW)
Mukha Museum Antwerp, Antwerp, The Netherlands (SOLO SHOW)
Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, New York (SOLO SHOW)
Thread Waxing Space, New York (SOLO SHOW)
Galerie Lara Vincy Paris, France (SOLO SHOW)
Nice Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Center of Contemporary Art, Nice, France (SOLO SHOW)
Le Magasin, in Grenoble, France (SOLO SHOW)
Nicola L /ICC, International Cultrual Center, Anvers, Belgique
1969 Daniel Templon, Paris and Galerie Verannenman, Brussels



2013 The Ghosts of the Chelsea Hotel, FIAF, New York, NY
The Blue Cape 10th Birthday, Biennal of Cuba
The Cape of the Blues, San Sulpice, Paris, France
The Blue Cape of Human Rights, European Parliament, Brussels
Performance “The Cape of Blues”, A3/St. Sulpice, Paris
The Blue Cape, Great Wall of China with 20 Chinese artists, dedicated to the
inhabitants of Beijing
The Blue Cap, The Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
The Blue Cape of Cinema, MAMCO, Geneve, Switzerland (on the theme Aimer,
travailler, exister (Living, working, existing) Community Proposition after 1968,
featuring James Lee Byars, Judy Chicago, Lygia Clark, Jörg Immendorff, Gordon Matta-
Clark, Nicola L, Lygia Pape
The Blue Cape, with Danza Contemporanea de Cuba Havana, Cuba. (Documentary
of performance produced by the Ludwig Foundation)
“The Banquet of the Beheaded”, Lab Theater at La Mama and Public Theater,
New York
Nine Femmes Fatales in Their Own Words, Theater La Mama, New York and The
Museum of Contemporary Art, Nice, France
Same Skin for Everyone, with Fernando Arrabal, on the streets of New York City
The Red Coat and Same Skin for Everyone, performances on the streets of London,
Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Paris, Barcelona, Ibiza, and New York
The Red Coat for Eleven People, Festival of the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom



2013 Doors Ajar at the Chelsea Hotel
New Yorkers With A French Accent, text by Pierre Restany commissioned by New York
Foundation of the Arts
Quien es?, The Tisch School of NYU, Loule Festival, and Cuban Art Center, New York